Claudie Ung

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia
+855 12 926 419

Occupational Therapist
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Claudie Ung is an Occupational Therapist using Hypnosis and Reiki as tools to accompanied adult and child. These tools help restore body and mind connection in a state of relaxation and are great looking at starting desired changes you like to see in your school-work- life.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. One of the basic assumptions of Ericksonienne hypnosis that everyone has all the resources necessary to make the desired changes. Hypnosis does not look for why you feel bad, but rather how to get better.

Reiki develop in Japan allows you to circulate your vital energy through your body, unlock possible knots and help you find other ways to live and feel.

Reiki is a therapy that complements the hypnotherapy, the state induced by the relaxation of Reiki is even assimilated by some to a hypnotic state.