Maggi Nimmo

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia
+855 10 348 601

Many Different Sessions
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Maggi Nimmo teaches Foundation Yoga and has a therapeutic healing practice at Enso Healing Space.
She has designed her yoga classes to help you move from painful and restricted movement patterns towards health and grace, giving you long term physical freedom. Balancing mental and physical strength and adaptability are key along with intelligent awareness you will have the tools of living life without suffering.
Along with strong Hatha Yoga classes Maggi also instructs in Foundation Training, a technique allowing you to find and activate your strong postural support muscles, correcting poor posture habits, balancing any physical dysfunctions and calming the movements of your mind. She teaches relaxation, meditation, posture, breath and dietary awareness to calm your emotions and create inner calm.
Maggi works with new born children and mothers to be an energy healer, masseur and therapist.
Maggi has been practising hands on healing for over 30 years. Using the remedial healing techniques such as the Bowen Technique, the Sacro-Cranial Technique, Spiritual Counselling and Homoeopathy she has specialised in rehabilitation from back injury and Physical and Trauma.